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The fallout Since you’re not showing any interest in her taste, you come across as selfish, says relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam.
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Why am i so shallow when it comes to dating

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Unfortunately we humans are not in control of what we find sexually appealing.

If you're not sexually attracted to a woman, it doesn't make you a shallow asshole for not wanting to date her.

We need much more for a strong, healthy marriage, and it’s all too easy to be blinded to a person’s bad character or incompatibility by infatuation.

I recently heard a man admit he’d married a beautiful ‘trophy wife’ and, years later, is being driven mad by her lack of intelligence and conversation (and that’s not her fault – the poor woman is who she is; he created his own misery – and hers – by marrying someone incompatible just because she was a stunner).

So, I thought I'd create a fake dating profile on POF.

I put up a couple of pics of some below average/average looking (facially) guy from instagram.

why am i so shallow when it comes to dating-76

I went about a week without many msgs, but lots of girls were viewing the profile, yet not saying hi. the guy had some pics on his insta of him posing in the mirror, flexing his muscles etc and i thought i'd post them. more replies, but this time higher quality girls (and also some munters) commenting "nice bod ;-)" "Mmm, do you work out?Good people don’t stand a chance sometimes if they don’t pass the first-glance test.I’m pretty sure, at some point in history, mates and spouses were chosen based (at least partially) on their character, moral fiber and generosity. In a lot of cases, it’s decided at first glance whether someone has a chance romantically or not.’ I’m surprised how many people – both women and men – write to me because they’re worried that they ‘ought’ to date someone they’re not attracted to, and to insist on attraction would be superficial and un Godly.Certainly, the Bible tells us that God looks not at outward appearances, but at the heart.However, many people are sexually attracted to other things besides just appearance.