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Validating number in perl

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Regular Expressions must start and finish with a forward slash ("/"). You can find a good library of regular expressions at In this article, I'm going to explain what I think are 'good practices' for dealing with version numbers in Perl.

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One way around this is to use a long free text type question with a regular expression.If the interpolated values of the first two arguments match, the test succeeds.An an example, consider the following two tests: ok('good','good', 'its all good'); # this test passes because the first two # arguments return the same values.Unfortunately, version numbers in Perl aren't boring and easy. Every Perl programmer needs to understand at least some of this complexity.Otherwise, you can make life difficult for yourself or others without realizing it.These patterns will almost all work if surrounded with the forward slash. Please add successfully tested regular expressions! Examples (note that these are all one line): Note that when using regular expressions in the condition editor, do NOT include the beginning and ending slash. The 'Very precise:' versions listed here match against the first four or five digits in a number to ensure that they are valid Australian numbers.