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The ab- sence of all traces of private dwellings we shall find universal throughout America, such structures having evidently been constructed of perishable materials; but among the more notable ruins of the Pacific States, Copan stands almost alone in its total lack of covered edifices. The characters are apparently hieroglyphics, 'but to us they are altogether unintelligible.' Gallatin, in Amer, Ethno. 107 portion lying south of the dividing line constitutes the republic of Guatemala and the English province of Belize, which latter occupies a strip along the Atlan- tic from the gulf of Amatique northward. It is to be remarked that besides pyramids and terraced walls, no traces what- ever of buildings, public or private, remain to guide us in determining the material or style of architecture affected by the former people of this region. I have no idea'vvliat this one book spoken of may have been. Dividing this terri- tory into two nearly equal portions by a line drawn near the eighteenth parallel of latitude, the northern part, between the bay of Chetumal and Laguna de Terminos, is the peninsula of Yucatan; while that (106) GUATEMALA. L'art des Barbares à la ckute de l'empire romain (31 Bg.), I, 385 ; IV, 376. — Les Francs saliens et les Francs ripuaires, IV, 376. — Les bijoux francs et la fibule anglo-saxonne de Marilles, IV, 376. — Le congrès archéologique et historique de Bruxelles, IV, 376. — Notes de folk-lore votiak, X, 222, — De Penza à Minoussiusk, X, 22i. There was the Unemployment Insurance Is Forever Act of 2018.There was the 2018 De Blasio-Waxman CEO Pay Act, which mandated a 9-to-1 ratio between the highest and lowest paid person in any enterprise. sem- iierflorens, dont elle possède, réduite à une petite échelle, tous les caractères spécifi- ques. Et quelles sont donc ces fameuses variétés « marchandes »? Cette race de rosiers, nous dit-il, est une forme aux habitudes naines du R. lien est presque toujours ainsi maintenant parce qu'en tous lieux on plante les mêmes variétés fertiles et vigoureuses de l'automne, les variétés marchandes des pépiniéristes.

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Higher minimum wages have « no discernible effect on employment » ( Schmitt, 2013). Ollo Ballif - Le mois par mois horiicolo : Janvier Jelcham-é - Chok parmi les nouveautés en fleurs, Iruits et légumes mises au commerce en 1903./ie/cew — Les o Vfhid X^ • Les Crocus des Indes ou Pleione. On surveillera les bâches qu'on aérera autant que possible et qu'on couvrira de paillassons pour la nuit ; être toujours sur ses gardes pour fermer ou couvrir, car, d'un moment à l'autre, à l'improviste, le temps peut changer et malheur à celui dont la prévoyance a fait défaut! l de la force et de l'aspect, il ne cultive donc que les variétés qui réalisent cet idéal celles que, pour cette raison il appelle « mar- chandes ». - Les Roses • M- f Tadrau- Ramey Gloire de Laurentia. Pas de semis possibles en pleine terre, ils sont trop risqués et, sous châssis, il est trop tôt : entre la levée et le commencement du repiquage, il y a trop de temps pour bien réussir. Messieurs les planteurs c'est votre fa (c et non la sienne : le pépiniériste est un com- merçant qui cherche à produire et à vendre, et vous n'achetez que des sujets présentai. Most of the general reflections and speculations on Copan indulged in by observers and students refer to other ruined cities in connection with this, and will be noted in a future chapter. Among the inhabitants of the region in later times, there is no difference of opinion whatever with respect to the origin of the ruins or their builders; they are unanimous in their adherence to the ^quien sabe' theory. Above the isthmus of Honduras the continent widens abruptly, forming between the Rio Motagua and Laguna de Terminos on the Atlantic, the Rio Paza and bar of Ayutla on the Pacific, a territory which stretches some five hundred and fifty miles from north to south, with a nearly uniform width of two hundred miles from east to west. That iron and steel were not used for cutting implements, is clearly proved by the fact that hard flinty spots in the soft stone of the statues are left uncut, in some instances where they interfere with the details of the sculpture. ^ Concerning the age and origin of the Copan monu- ments, as distinguished from other American antiqui- ties, there are few or no facts on which to base an opinion. Here and in the adjoining state of Chiapas the natives probably retain to the present day their original char- acter with fewer modfiications than elsewhere in the Pacific States. There being no plan extant by which to locate the dif- ferent objects to be mentioned in this old centre of civilization, I will give the slight descriptions obtain- able, with very slight reference to their arrangement, beginning with the pyramid which seems to occupy a somewhat central position round which the other relics are grouped. In the upper part of the mound are two or three terraces, on the first of which several recesses, or niches, of no great extent are noticed; they are lined with small rough stones, plastered, and in a good state of preservation, details which indicated to the observer that these niches may be of more modern origin than the rest of the ruin. Comment ne pas repenser, avec le chroniqueur du WSJ, à la célèbre nouvelle de Kurt Vonnegut (« Harrison Bergeron »: Pauvre surhomme » en France) où pour assurer une égalité enfin parfaite l’Etat se voyait contraint de multiplier les handicaps pour les plus favorisés ? —From » Harrison Bergeron » (1961), a short story by Kurt Vonnegut The year was 2019 and Americans were finally on their way toward real equality.