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Although I suppose if you're donating anything in the first place that means it's something you can spare, so again thank you very much. I understand many if not most users of this site are probably not in the best financial situation so it does concern me to think I might be taking from someone who doesn't have much to give.

The zhen does not contribute genetically to offspring.

Zha, Sha, Cha, Tha zh'yi, sh'za, ch'te, th'se zhavey, shreya, charan, thavan zhei, shei, chei, thei zhi, shi, chi, thi zhadi, shidei, chada, thadu zhri'za, shri'za, chri'ze, thri'ze The unique paradigm of the four Andorian and Aenar sexes have long caused reproductive problems on Andor.

By the year 2155, the Andorian population was noticeably dropping and the Aenar species numbered less than 5000.

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