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Predating wood

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These breweries are happy to fill the wooden barrels with their beer and The Junction are happy to lend them their barrels and to serve the beer.

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Pre-dating CAMRA is the ‘Society of Preservation of beers from the Wood’ who have campaigned long and hard for beers to drawn from the wooden cask again.

You never quite know what beers will be on at ‘The Junction’; you can’t be 100% sure they will taste exactly the same as when you sampled that brew before.

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Returned to the UK to take up a position at Birmingham in mid-2010.

My research aims to understand the health paradox of adolescence - the years between 12 and 25 are a time of great physical fitness, yet this is the period during which 75% of all mental disorders have their onset. Clearly changes in the brain are likely culprits, but how they interact with genetic and environmental factors to produce illness is unclear.

The disorder I have spent most time investigating is schizophrenia, largely through the study of young people at very high risk of developing the disorder.

The fossil — the left side of a lower jaw — was found in Ethiopia by Chalachew Seyoum an Arizona State University graduate student from Ethiopia.

It has been dated to 2.8 million years ago — 400,000 years earlier than other fossils in the “Researchers have found fossils that are 3 million years old and older.