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You can then view the PDF version of the map or open the Mindmanager/i Thoughts files using their respective apps on the desktop (Mac or Windows.) Changes made on the desktop are automatically uploaded to the cloud by the installed cloud sync software (Dropbox etc.)When i Thoughts (i OS) subsequently looks for any updates in the cloud, it will check the 'revision number' for both the i Thoughts file and the Mindmanager file and download the most recently modified (ignoring the PDF version - which can't be imported.)Multiple copies of your maps will reside in i OS, the cloud and the desktop.

This means that maps can be modified when no network connection is available.

Then I could open the rtf file from Dropbox on my laptop and edit it in a rich text editor. But with the ineluctable arrival of Scrivener for i OS, Literature & Latte completely revamped the internal structure of the Scrivener project file.

The way Scrivener syncs with Dropbox now is different, and it’s way simpler.

Important: Content will only sync between Dropbox and Kiosk Pro when the kiosk presentation is running (and not while the app settings screen is shown).

If you would like a visual indication that sync is occurring, you can turn on Show Update Indicator under Remote Update of Local Files.

This integration makes remote updates easier, especially for those who need to update both settings and local content remotely.

(There are caveats with this, which I’ll get to later.) If you’re used to the old way of syncing it can be a bit of a gear-change to switch to the new method.

Scrivener will helpfully try to open the most recent version of your project, which if you aren’t careful will mean opening an old project file and not the new Dropbox sync one.

NB: You can enable automatic sync using mobile data in the System Settings.

This is disabled by default for obvious cost reasons.