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While the process of being approved for disabled veterans’ benefits can be challenging, being approved for is not impossible.Because of the time involved, you might wonder if your benefits will be retroactive once they are awarded to you.The VA might acknowledge that your disability began during your military service, but you will not receive that date back to the date of your military discharge.

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But if you have a disability, there’s a dilemma that comes with it – should you tell them about your disability upfront?This means you would not receive your first disability payment until June, even though your disability claim was approved in March.If you have had to endure the lengthy disability appeal process prior to being awarded disability benefits, you will probably have already met the five-month waiting period and will likely be entitled to a back payment of disability benefits.The type of disability assistance you are applying for and the steps you took prior to applying will play a role in your specific Date of Entitlement.If you are applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, your Date of Entitlement will be the date that you made the SSA aware of your intent to file for benefits.SSI disability benefits accrue from the date that you filed your application.