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I have two geodatabases, one is a production sde database, the other is a backup in a local file geodatabase.
According to leaked NSA slides, Prism allowed the NSA to compel companies – including Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Pal Talk, AOL, Skype, You Tube and Apple – to grant them access to users’ personal data on their servers.

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If the fortysomethings in the office all arrive with ear buds and the volume turned up just slightly louder than tasteful, well, maybe everyone was cranking the Belle & Sebastian too loud on the F train from Brooklyn. Sleater-Kinney’s return might have the loudest buzz, but the Decemberists are following up a No. They took a multi-year hiatus after the triumphant “The King Is Dead,” and “What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World” is the Portland collective’s first since 2011.

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But then, you know, of course its populated with my own weird ideas about what that relationship is. The closer you can map your own life onto these things — is that what makes them real? So I’m hesitant to say that this is any kind of centerpiece because I don’t think it is.

But in the end, it’s a different character as opposed to myself, and it’s an exploration of the loneliness of the singer, and why did they do this in the first place — sacrifice or give themselves up to the needs and the expectations of people who don’t know them, complete strangers — and construct their lives and the decisions they make creatively around what those expectations might be. Maybe it would’ve behooved me to pay a little bit more attention to what people wanted of me. I think also I have a weird thing about kicking against expectations in a sometimes self-destructive way. But there’s also a funny line in this song about selling your songs for advertisements: “When your bridal processional is a televised confessional to the benefits of Axe Shampoo, you know we did it for you.” Have you heard from the fine folks at Axe yet? And in fact, I didn’t initially want to put too much of a point on the fact that it was written about that incident because I didn’t feel as if I could really communicate what was happening. I think that that was just what a lot of people did at that time, and I think it wasn’t until hearing the names read… I feel like when the names were read at that press conference, suddenly I was able to start processing it in a way that I think was helpful, in that I think a lot of people were taking stock of their own surroundings in their own world.