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In the Philippines all foreigners (and their money) are welcome. If you have money and show a little bit of respect, you will be treated very well. I wanted to beat up the old pervert and take the little girl back to the school playground so she could continue to enjoy her childhood. She is an adult (I hope), so she can sleep with that guy for money if she wants. WHO CARES about the older gentleman and his high school sweet heart?! If you treat them, you will win not only her P#%y but also her heart.
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Dating a married person

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So I decided to be his 'friend' and didn't want to take things further than that.

Oh come on, I don't think I could even think straight in the first place...

The writing was on the wall, however, that this man had something to hide.

I can walk away with no harm no foul at any time I choose. If you're dating men who aren't available, my question would be why do you value yourself little? Possible stds, hours and years invested in someone that can go no further than sneaking around..if hurts her, he'll hurt you in a minute with soneone even hotter. I hope you find a support group with good women and you find a love for yourself that goes beyond your wildest dreams.

No matter what we do, make sure you respect yourself.

We’re also living in a time where monogamy and the sanctity of marriage is becoming less and less recognized, and even worse, less revered.

With the advent of the Internet and technology, the married force is finding it even easier to play when the cat’s away (or simply not looking).